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9scale Vacuum Products, Inc.

9scale Vacuum Products, Inc.
192 Anawan Street Box 1B
Fall River, MA 02721
Tel: 800-565-6911 or 508-646-9352
Fax: 508-646-9597


Facilities Listing

9scale Vacuum Products, Inc. is a 14,000+ square foot manufacturing facility specializing in Custom Vacuum Equipment. Whether your requirements are as simple as a feed through flange, pump adapter or baseplate, or a complete turnkey vacuum system built specifically for your process, 9VP can meet your requirements for cost effectiveness and delivery. 9VP has the capacity to work to your engineered drawings and the expertise many of our customers have come to rely upon, to engineer and manufacture your to requirements from your process specifications, sketches or system description.

9VP reserves a feed of 200 amps at 480 volts 3 phase power dedicated for the purpose of running, testing and proving in vacuum systems prior to shipment to our customers. Step down transformers are on hand to convert power to required voltages as necessary.

Quality Control:
9VP has an established quality assurance program it adheres to whether or not specific contractual obligations require us to. Product quality is of primary importance to us and we will not allow an inferior product to be shipped. Our quality control manual has been developed to meet the requirements of MIL-I-45208A.

Leak Detection:
9VP utilizes helium mass spectrometer leak detectors to test our products vacuum integrity. Our leak detectors are enhanced with a high vacuum pumping station with a 48" diameter baseplate for testing large chambers and equipment when required.

Assembly Area:
9VP has a 500+ square foot assembly room designated and designed for the purpose of building and testing vacuum systems. Along with being separated from the general shop for cleanliness this room has a tile floor, wallboard and acoustical ceilings along with the following amenities:

  • Electrical power as detailed above.
  • Cooling water with a maximum flow of 30 gallons per minute.
  • Dedicated compressed air line which can be regulated up to 120 P.S.I.
  • Mechanical pump vents to eliminate oil contamination problems.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the necessary machining, fabrication and inspection equipment to keep your components in house and under our control. MILLER and HOBART pulse heliarc welders, MIG welders, PEXTO plate rolls and a PEXTO plate shear are just some of the fabrication equipment in house. A LUCAS #41 horizontal boring mill, BRIDGEPORT vertical milling machines, BRIDGEPORT hydraulic tracer, J.J. McCabe 70" over the gap lathe and a BENCHMASTER hydraulic press is a sampling of our machine shop equipment. A 10' x 25' forced draft DEVILIBISS paint spray booth, A VACUBLAST 3' x 5' glass bead blast cabinet and a 6" x 194" BLEVNEY belt sander is included in our finishing equipment. Inspection equipment includes a 48" x 72" x 12" thick granite surface plate, miscellaneous height gauges, measuring tools and tool standards. Material handling equipment includes a YALE 6000# and a CLARK 3000# forklift as well as a RAYMOND 3000# pallet stacker.

If you would like a detailed facility listing, please e-mail Alpha Vacuum Systems and leave your FAX number and request for a brochure.

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9scale Vacuum Products, Inc.
192 Anawan Street · Box 1B · Fall River, MA 02721
Tel: 800-565-6911 or 508-646-9352 · Fax: 508-646-9597